4.8.3 - Discipline Specific Guidance - Para Dressage

Discipline Specific Guidance - Para Dressage

Although some of the topics here are covered in a generic way elswhere in the FEI Knowledgebase Event Organisers Guide, below is further guidance specific to the discipline of Para Dressage.

Accessibility is paramount and should apply everywhere - hotels, stables, catering, training arenas, main arena, toilets etc… All routes between these elements should be well prepared, also considering bad weather as appropriate. For further information and guidance please see the FEI Accessibility Handbook for Event Organisers.  

Producing an FEI Schedule (for general information and guidance click here)

Guidelines to help National Federations and Organisers to prepare Draft Schedules can be found here.

Volunteers (for general information and guidance click here)

  • It is recommended that Judges' secretaries are experienced Para Dressage scribes. (Familiar with the e-scribe system if used)
  • A glossary for non English mother language / English can be provided
  • A spare (reserve) secretary should always be available
  • The Judges’ secretaries should be provided with timetables and writing materials
  • The Judge at C will require a bell and a stopwatch
  • Score sheet collectors must be available and should be briefed by the chief scorer  

FEI Officials (for general information and guidance click here)

At CPEDIs, sit-in and shadow judging could be requested by candidates. To follow the procedure and to be well prepared please refer to the FEI Guidelines for Sit-in and Shadow judging published on the FEI website here.

Venue and Facilities (for general information and guidance click here)

  • The music provider must be situated close to the competition arena with a clear view of the competition arena, clearly identified and visible.
  • The arena may be decorated with small trees and/or flowers see FEI Para Dressage Rules Art. 8407 and Annex 1 See also the FEI Para Dressage Rules Art. 8407.3 and FEI General Regulations Art. 135.6 for adverstising around the arena.
  • Once the President of the Ground Jury and Foreign Judge/Technical Delegate have agreed on the setup of the competition field of play it may not be altered, except in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of both the Foreign Judge/Technical Delegate and the President of the Ground Jury.
  • For Championships and Games there should be:
    • Large video board in the arena - non-moving during the test
    • Kiss and cry area with restricted access

Arena Specifications and Competition Scheduling

  • Athletes in Grades I-III compete in an arena twenty meters by forty meters (20mx40m). Athletes in Grade IV-V compete in an arena twenty meters by sixty meters (20mx60m).
  • Our recommendation would be to schedule grade IV and V next to each other to avoid too much unnecessary maintenance and modifications.
  • A time schedule for familiarisation is mandatory, in the fully set-up Competition arena, including filming equipment and background music on.
  • Spaces in the shade around the arena should be planned for Athletes to watch their peers in case of extreme sunny/wet days.

Draw and Starting Order (refer to FEI Para Dressage Rules Art. 8414):

  • If possible the draw should be conducted electronically, except for Championships and the Paralympic Games.
  • Please make sure that the starting lists are available as early as possible after the draw. It is recommended that the draw meeting should not take place after 19:00 so that Athletes/coaches are aware of their starting times as soon as possible before the day of competition.
  • Our recommendation would be to have a pre-starting list prepared in advance of the draw with time slots per Athlete (name of the Athletes to be added during the draw) so that Chefs d’Equipe can identify the exact starting time of their Athletes during the draw.

Competition Scoring, Timing & Results (for general information and guidance click here)

The scorer’s office should be located to allow easy access for the score collectors but situated in a quiet area with access restricted to scoring staff, the Ground Jury and Technical Delegate (when applicable).


At Championships and Games each Organiser needs to take into consideration the duration of the competitions, the kiss and cry area and breaks for Judges. It is important that breaks are included for the maintenance for the footing of the field of play as per the FEI Para Dressage Rules Art. 8407.

Prize Giving Ceremony

Procedures for the Prize Giving should be discussed and agreed with President of the Ground Jury prior to the event. A specific protocol for Prize Givings at Championships is sent to the Organiser by the FEI and the plan must be reviewed and agreed on site by the FEI representative, the Organiser and Technical Delegate. Chefs D’Equipe must be informed at the Chef d’Equipe meeting or through the Show Office about the Prize Giving procedures well in advance. The ceremony must take place in the competition arena (or can take place in another main arena) and is recommended unmounted. The podium for winners should face the audience and photographers. Photographers should have a restricted place with a good view of the podium. The podium must be accessible for all Athletes (wheelchair accessible). The winners should get medals, rosettes, prizes in kind and/or prize money, as per the FEI Schedule

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