4.4 - Competition Scoring, Timing & Results

During your event all competitions must be timed, scored and the results must be noted down. This is what makes the event official and these results are then submitted to the FEI. Systems of scoring, timing and production of results must be quick, efficient, accurate and reliable to ensure a successful event.

Although scoring for smaller events with few Athletes and Horses can be done manually there are a number of experienced data handling and result providers that can be contracted to deliver results, scoring and timing services at your event.

Your National Federation or other Organising Committees may be able to provide recommendations. Alternatively lists of service providers for each FEI discipline can be found here.

The FEI Information Technology department can provide further advice on request, please feel free to contact them: results@fei.org

IT service providers can provide:

  • hardware such as computers, scoreboards, video boards
  • the relevant cabling and timing cells and devices to correctly time and score your event
  • software or computer programme designed to manage FEI competitions and their formats
  • operating personnel to support the local organising team

Timing & Scoring

The timing and scoring must be done in accordance with the FEI rules.

If you are using an IT service provider, they will ensure this is done correctly. If you choose to do this manually then you must ensure that the relevant measures are taken to control the time/scores/points correctly and that everything is noted down, checked and controlled by the FEI Officials as the Event.

For Jumping specifically, timing requirements are outlined in FEI Jumping Rules Art 229. Unless permission is otherwise given, Organisers of Jumping events must use an FEI tested and approved timing system, the list of which is available here.

Entries & Start Lists

The IT service provider will use the entry lists downloaded from the FEI Entry System with all the combinations that you have accepted via the online platform and enter this data into their software or computer programme. If the discipline in question is not managed by the FEI Entry System the IT service provider can produce their own entry lists based on the information that you provide to them of the entries you have received.

They will use this data to:

  • Create start lists
  • Record times / scores for the relevant combinations
  • Produce official results in electronic and PDF format


Results of an international event must be submitted to the FEI in the official requested format. Organising Committees are responsible for getting the results to the FEI as quickly as possible as soon as the event is finished (max. 2 days after for FEI Entry System disiciplines, max. 5 days for other disciplines ) - FEI General Regulations Art 109.6.

The required formats and guidelines as well as how to submit results are available here.

Recognised IT service providers are aware of the different formats and what is required. Any questions regarding FEI results can be sent to: results@fei.org

Once submitted, results are validated by the FEI and are linked to each individual Athlete's profile on the FEI Database and remain with them for their entire career.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding organising FEI competitions or would like further advice not available through this guide please contact your National Federation or the relevant FEI department here.


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