2.3 - FEI Officials

FEI Officials

FEI Officials are deployed to FEI events in general terms to ensure the competition meets FEI regulations and standards, to judge and oversee competitions, to ensure athlete conduct remains in accordance with FEI rules and to protect the welfare of the horses. General information regarding the different categories of FEI Officials is detailed in the FEI General Regulations (Ch VII). This includes the appointment of Officials which is generally the responsibility of the Organising Committee, except for FEI Championships, Finals and multi-sport Games (Olympic, Paralympic, Asian, Pan-American games etc). All veterinary related FEI Official roles are described in the FEI Veterinary Regulations (Ch XII).

The Organiser must list all appointed FEI Officials in the FEI Schedule and the FEI will check and confirm the appointments through the FEI Schedule approval process.

FEI Officials are nominated by their National Federation for listing by the FEI and therefore available for appointment by Organising Committees. All lists of FEI Officials can be accessed here.

The main categories of FEI Officials generic to all Disciplines are:

  • Ground Jury (Judges) - responsible for technical judging of all Competitions and for all other Decisions except where otherwise stated in the Statutes, FEI General Regulations (Art 149.1) or relevant FEI Discipline Rules, duties of Ground Jury are outlined in FEI General Regulations Art 159 
  • Veterinary Delegate/Commission - responsible for ensuring that the FEI Veterinary Regulations are respected during Events (see FEI Veterinary Regulations Art 1108.1)
  • FEI Stewards (see FEI general Regulations Art 155) - in respect of the stables, exercise/training areas and collecting rings the FEI Stewards shall:
    • assist the Athletes in conducting reasonable training
    • intervene in time in order to prevent any abuse of Horse by Athletes, grooms, owners or any other person
    • intervene in order to prevent any contravention of FEI Statutes, Rules and Regulations or of the common principles of behaviour, fairness and accepted standards of sportsmanship
    • be familiar and assist with doping and medication control procedures
  • Course Designers - responsible for designing / laying out courses and obstacles for Jumping, Eventing Cross Country, Driving Marathon / Cones and Endurance 

The actual Officials that must be appointed varies according to the discipline, type and level of competition.  This is detailed in each discipline's FEI Rules:

Organising Committee Responsibilities

The Organising Committee must consider the following arrangements for FEI Officials:

  • Travel
  • Local transport (airport to hotel, hotel to venue etc)
  • Catering (hotel and/or on-venue)
  • Per diems (in accordance with FEI Rules)
  • Other expenses (according to Organising Committee's policy)

Various Organising Committee obligations in respect of the above are detailed in specific discipline rules. The relevant FEI Department can give further advice.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding organising FEI competitions or would like further advice not available through this guide please contact your National Federation or the relevant FEI department here.

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