7.1 - Medical Services at FEI Events

Although many rules, guidelines and other measures are established by the FEI to ensure safe sport, accidents can happen and as a result the FEI requires event organisers to put in place adequate medical assistance at their event. This includes the on-site presence of personnel trained in emergency medical care and an appropriate medical emergency action plan for the evacuation, emergency treatment, and transport of injured Athletes.

To coordinate medical planning and provision at FEI events Organisers should appoint an Event Medical Officer. There is a dedicated section of the FEI website to help Organisers and their Event Medical Officers plan and deliver medical facilities and services. Click here to access these pages. The FEI Mandatory Medical Guidelines for Organisers can also be downloaded here.

In addition to the general guidelines Organisers should be aware of any discipine specific rules and requirements relating to medical provision, for example:

Further advice, guidance and information is available from the Medical Equestrian Association through their website at www.medequestrian.co.uk. This includes a checklist for Organisers which can be viewed here. Although the MEA is predominantly engaged with equestrian sport in the United Kingdom, membership is global and advice and guidance published by the MEA can in many respects be applied to events around the World.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding organising FEI competitions or would like further advice not available through this guide please contact your National Federation or the relevant FEI department here. For queries relating to medical services please contact the FEI Athlete Services and Human Anti-Doping Advisor (in FEI Legal Dept).

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