3.3 - Accessibility Guidance

The FEI has produced a Guide designed to assist Event Organisers with improving accessibility for athletes, staff and spectators with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy equestrian events regardless of their disability and mobility levels.  

The FEI Accessibility Guide for Event Organisers, which is the result of consultation and collaboration with accessibility experts, individuals with disabilities and professionals in the equestrian industry, covers venue layout, accommodation and transportation among other areas of Event planning and delivery.  

The aim is to provide Event Organisers with a set of guidelines and recommendations which eliminate barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully participating or working in sports.  

FEI Secretary General and President of the Association for Paralympic Sports Organisations (APSO) Sabrina Ibáñez commented upon the launch of the Guidelines:

“Equestrian sport has the power to create inclusive structures that allow access to all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities. Changing perspectives towards disability is a key step in the accessibility journey. It is our belief that making even small changes to our working methods and organisational practices will help to move the needle on the conversation around disability inclusion, equality and equity. We hope that by working with Organisers to embed accessibility into all strands of Event planning and delivery, this type of thinking will start to permeate our organisational structures and become a seamless part of what we all do in this sport on a daily basis.”  

The FEI Accessibility Guide for Event Organisers is available for direct download here.  

Attached files: FEI Accessibility Handbook for Event Organisers_FOR PUBLICATION_19.04.2023.pdf

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