7.2 - FEI Athlete Anti-Doping Programme

The FEI organises sample collection at a number of Events worldwide each year to test as part of its Athlete Anti-Doping Programme.  Further information regarding the Athlete Testing Programme can be found here.  

If an Organising Committee is contacted by the FEI in advance of the Event and informed that sample collection will be carried out they are required to provide facilities and personnel to facilitate this. These requirements and expectations are outlined in FEI Anti-Doping Rules for Athletes Art. 22. Alternatively the relevant section can be downloaded direct from here.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding organising FEI competitions or would like further advice not available through this guide please contact your National Federation or the relevant FEI department here. For queries relating to Athlete anti-doping please contact the FEI Athlete Services and Human Anti-Doping Advisor (in FEI Legal Dept).

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