4.2 - Producing an FEI Schedule

FEI Schedule

The FEI Schedule is a document produced by every event to provide National Federations and Athletes wishing to compete with all the information they require.  It lists details about the organiser, officials, competitions taking place, the venue and facilities available such as stabling, the entry process and other administrative points, veterinary, medical and anti-doping matters.  

More specifically the FEI Schedule will outline the following:

  • The Disciplines in which Competitions will be held
  • The programme / timetable of Competitions
  • Whether the Competitions will be indoors or outdoors
  • The type and dimensions of the schooling areas and the Competition arenas
  • Lists of Judges and other FEI Officials
  • The categories, nationalities and other relevant details of invited Athletes and Horses
  • Entry information
  • The stabling and accommodation available
  • Veterinary and medical services available
  • The value of the prizes and their distribution
  • The national veterinary health requirements 
  • Whether betting is allowed
  • Code of Conduct
  • Disclaimer of responsibilities
  • Any other relevant details (eg. any transport arrangements, social events, any passport and visa requirements etc)

The Schedule must be submitted to the FEI in accordance with Art 110 of General Regulations. Once the Official Calendar has been approved template schedules, checklists and guidelines are made available to Organisers via the relevant discipline tab on the Organiser's section of the FEI website. Alternatively use direct links as follows:

Click here for Jumping
Contact: jumping@fei.org
Click here for Dressage
Contact: philippe.maynier@fei.org
Click here for Para Dressage
Contact: laetitia.gillieron@fei.org
Click here for Eventing
Contact: eventingschedules@fei.org
Click here for Driving and here for Para Driving
Contact: driving@fei.org 
Click here for Endurance
Person in charge: endurance@fei.org
Click here for Vaulting
Person in charge: laetitia.gillieron@fei.org

FEI Online Schedule Platform

A specific online schedule platform has been developed to manage the various processes and workflows involved in FEI Event Schedules.  The FEI Online Schedule platform is used for all FEI Eventing Events and is currently being rolled out for Jumping. Other disciplines will be added in the future. The FEI Online Schedule:

  • Allows Organising Committees to provide all the necessary information regarding their Show to their National Federations.
  • Allows unified and precise schedule information, appointments and communication flow.
  • Allows Organising Committees to add questions/comments for their National Federation directly on the FEI Online Schedule platform.
  • Allows National Federations to correct, modify or suggest information to their Organising Committee.
  • Tracks all changes made to the schedule for transparency and follow-up.
  • Enables an easy submission of the schedule to the FEI for validation.
  • Permits the FEI to correct, modify or suggest changes to the schedule prior to approval and publication.
  • Saves and tracks FEI Schedule information from one year to the next.  

Guidelines for Organisers on how to use the FEI Online Schedule platform can be found here. All questions related to the platform can be sent to schedules@fei.org

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding organising FEI competitions or would like further advice not available through this guide please contact your National Federation or the relevant FEI department here.

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