2.2 - Volunteers


In addition to the core organising team almost every event relies on the support of a large number of volunteers to carry out an extensive range of tasks.  The volunteer roles depend on the discipline and scale of event but may include:

  • manning the show office/secretariat
  • building courses and setting up the field of play
  • fence/obstacle judges for eventing and driving
  • writers/scribes to work with dressage and Vaulting judges
  • members of the stable management team
  • working in the press office
  • stewarding/directing spectators
  • managing vehicle flows and car parking.  

The total number of volunteers will vary hugely from perhaps as few as 20-30 for a very small newly established single discipline show to over 1000 for complex events with large numbers of spectators, media and mutiple fields of play.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding organising FEI competitions or would like further advice not available through this guide please contact your National Federation or the relevant FEI department here.

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