4.5 - Show Secretary

The role of the Show Secretary is a crucial one for the successful organisation and administration of an event. Although not exhaustive the following list provides an overview of the Show Secretary's duties:

  • Arrange accreditation (Athletes, Judges, other FEI Officials, Press/Media, Volunteers etc)
  • Communicate with National Federations regarding entries, withdrawals etc
  • After the closing of substitutions, prepare a list of Horses/Athletes for each competition
  • Prepare/conduct the starting order/draw – refer to relevant FEI discipline rules 
  • Prepare starting lists to be signed by the President of the Ground Jury and circulate to FEI officials scorers, press/media, veterinary and farriery teams, announcers etc, as well as making copies available for spectators 
  • Produce Athlete and Horse biographies for announcers and press/media (Athlete biographies available here
  • Distribute Athlete numbers 
  • Produce stable door signs with the name and phone number of person responsible 
  • Arrange equipment and paperwork for Judges and other FEI Officials (see relevant FEI discipline rules)            
  • Arrange refreshments and meals for Judges, other FEI Officials and supporting Volunteers 
  • Receive Athletes' music (Dressage and Vaulting)
  • Ensure national flags and national anthems are supplied for use during prize givings/ceremonies 
  • Prepare and distribute Athlete packs which should include: 
    • A copy of the official programme together with a list of the principal event personnel and officials
    • Event Timetable including competition timings, meetings, horse inspections, social events etc
    • Site plan showing stabling, field of play, exercise and training areas, Show Office, catering etc 
    • Official training information and timetable.
    • Information about catering facilities and invitations to any social functions or events.
    • General information about medical, shopping, banking, farriery, veterinary and other event and local services and facilities
    • Accreditations and passes   
  • Ensure that all result lists are signed by the President of the Ground Jury before distribution to Athletes, press/media etc
  • Preparation for prize givings / ceremonies  
  • Other duties specific to certain disciplines

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding organising FEI competitions or would like further advice not available through this guide please contact your National Federation or the relevant FEI department here.

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