4.8.1 - Discipline Specific Guidance - Vaulting

Discipline Specific Guidance - Vaulting

Although some of the topics here are covered in a generic way elswhere in the FEI Knowledgebase Event Organisers Guide, below is further guidance specific to the discipline of Vaulting.

Volunteers (for general information and guidance click here)

  • It is recommended that Judges' secretaries are experienced vaulting writers
  • A spare (reserve) secretary should always be available
  • The Judges’ secretaries should be provided with timetables and writing materials
  • The Judge at A will require a bell and for most classes a stopwatch and a time keeper
  • Score sheet collectors must be available and should be briefed by the chief scorer 

FEI Officials (for general information and guidance click here)

  • At every CVI, Sit-in and Shadow judging could be requested by candidates. To follow the procedure and to be well prepared please refer to the FEI Guidelines for Sit-in and Shadow judging published on the FEI website here.

Venue and Facilities (for general information and guidance click here)

  • The music provider must be situated close to the vaulting field of play circle, clearly identified and visible
  • There should be training and exercise areas for Athletes with suitable equipment (barrels & mats)
  • The ring may be decorated with small trees and/or flowers
  • Once the President of the Ground Jury and Foreign Judge/Technical Delegate have agreed on the setup of the competition field of play it may not be altered, except in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of both the Foreign Judge/Technical Delegate and the President of the Ground Jury.
  • For Championships there should be:
    • Large video board in the arena
    • Kiss and cry area

Producing an FEI Schedule (for general information and guidance click here)

  • Guidelines to help National Federations and Organisers to prepare Draft Schedules can be found here.

Competition Scoring, Timing & Results (for general information and guidance click here)

The scorer’s office should be located to allow easy access for the score collectors but situated in a quiet area with access restricted to scoring staff, the Ground Jury and Technical Delegate (when applicable).


To prepare a timetable according to the number of starters the following is suggested:

For CVIs:

    • Individual compulsory:                   3 min per vaulter
    • Individual freestyle/technical:         3 min per vaulter
    • Squad compulsory:                        9 min per squad
    • Squad freestyle:                            7 min per squad
    • Pas-de-deux Senior:                      4 min per pas-de-deux
    • Pas-de-deux Junior:                       3 min per pas-de-deux

Suggested times are indicative. Each Organiser needs to take into consideration the length of run, the Kiss and Cry and any other elements that can affect the timing.

For Championships:

    • Individual compulsory:                     3.5 min per vaulter
    • Individual freestyle/technical:           3.5 to 4 min per vaulter
    • Squad compulsory:                          9 min per squad
    • Squad freestyle:                              7 min per squad
    • Pas de deux Senior:                         4.5 min per pas de deux
    • Pas de deux Junior:                          4 min per pas de deux 

Suggested times are indicative. At Championships each Organiser needs to take into consideration the length of run, the kiss and cry area and breaks for Judges. It is important that breaks are included for the maintenance for the footing of the field of play.

Prize Giving Ceremony

Procedure for the Prize Giving should be discussed and agreed with President of the Ground Jury prior to the event. A specific protocol for Prize Givings at Championships is sent to the Organiser by the FEI and the plan must be reviewed and agreed on site by the FEI Representative, the Organiser and Technical Delegate. Chefs D’Equipe must be informed at the Chef d’Equipe meeting or through the Show Office about the Prize Giving procedures well in advance. The Ceremony must take place in the competition arena. The nations are collected at the warm up area in alphabetical order, with the host nation at the end. A board with the name of the nation or flag should be given to each nation. The announcer invites all nations to enter the competition circle for the Prize Giving Ceremony. The podium for winners should face the audience and photographers. All Athletes in the final should at least receive rosettes during the Prize giving or be asked to collect them from the Show Office. The winners should get medals, prizes in kind or prize money, as per the FEI Schedule.

Example protocol for Prize Giving Ceremony

All participants (Athletes and Lungers) will get a small gift from the Organiser to collect at the Show Office. All participants are invited to take part in the Ceremony. Rosettes will be distributed to all vaulters prior to the Prize Giving Ceremony at the warm up arena. The winning horse of the individual/pas de deux/squad competitions will be awarded at the end of the Prize Giving Ceremony. These three horses are the only horses to take part in the Prize Giving. The best three of each competition and category will be awarded with medals (when applicable) during the Ceremony. Lungers must also accompany the three top ranked individual, pas-de-deux and squad Athletes on the podium. The three top ranked horses (from each individual/pas-de-deux/squad) may receive blankets. The Lungers will be given these blankets prior to the Ceremony so that the horses can wear them for the Ceremony.  

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