4.9 - Sustainability at FEI Events

The wide outreach and influence of sports events means that they can act as catalysts for change within society and that gives us a responsibility we should all take very seriously. In making a small step towards nurturing sustainability across the global equestrian community the FEI have produced The Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers.

This handbook has been produced by the FEI with an aim to aid and encourage event organisers to implement various sustainability initiatives that will help reduce negative environmental impact of the events and create a positive social and economic legacy.

It introduces what Sustainability is and the different aspects that need to be borne in mind while preparing to adopt sustainability efforts. In addition, the handbook includes about 150 different initiatives that are graded on their ‘Awareness Potential’, ‘Impact Minimisation’, and ‘Ease of Implementation’. Event organisers can select the initiatives based on the priorities they have set themselves.

We encourage your feedback and suggestions so that the document can be developed further over time. The handbook is available for direct download here.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding organising FEI competitions or would like further advice not available through this guide please contact your National Federation or the relevant FEI department here.

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